what we do

What we do:


Whether you are already active in one market or plan to start a new business, it´s always better to have a partner that understands the market because it’s their home territory. With its knowledge, experience and pursuit of excellence, blackbrooks offers a range of high quality services that enable you to become successful

regarding these products:


  • Conventional and Unit-linked Life Insurance (incl. Wrapper, CPPI, Variable Annuities, etc.)
  • All kind of Private and Public Pension Schemes
  • Disability and Critical Illness
  • All Non-life Insurance (Motor, Home, Liability, etc)
  • Investment funds (closed end / open end)
  • Banking products (any other Savings Plans)

With blackbrooks your competitiveness will increase and your growth will become profitable and sustainable. Please check the “clients” page to see an excerpt of our clients list.


If you contact us we will find out how we can help you. Our services are tailored to meet your needs. blackbrook is well known for its efficient “pay as you go” solutions.


with our consulting services:


  • Market analysis and research
  • Product development and design
  • Sales and marketing
  • Project management and co-ordination
  • Business organization and (re-) structuring
  • Digital distribution

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